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Thread: Alternative healthcare

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    Alternative healthcare

    With the speeding up of the NHS purposeful collapse, is it about time that an alternative healthcare system is available, free at the point of use?

    Should a new National system allow for alternative options to straight forward allopathic medicine?

    I would like to see Naturopathic clinic or acupuncture as options for the treatment of conditions rather than disease control. I think it is about time that we accepted that there are different ways to approach health and well-being and the tried and tested method of pharmacology has not necessarily led to a healthier nation. In fact if taking the US for example it could be argued that quite the opposite is true, they are a very sick nation.
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    I think there is an absolute need for an alternative type of healthcare that is integrated into the mainstream care. People should have a choice and maybe if this was available people would see that alternative care is so much nicer and it seems to involve the person whereas current healthcare seems to be done to the person, not with the person.

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    Having dealt with my GP more recently I would say that paying for a consultation with an alternative therapist is worth every penny, you feel listened to, understood and appropriately dealt with. The treatments offered ranged from things I can do myself, dietary changes, through to herbalist treatments and supplements.

    Whereas in a GP surgery it seems there is a set of questions, and the answers are always a prescription treatment. I never feel like they are treating me holistically, rather they are observing the drug companies spec sheet.

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    I don't think the current system should go, but I think there is room for both systems, lets face it people aren't getting any healthier, so something isn't working.

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    I think with the collapsing nhs as it is and the unsustainability of the healthcare system there has to be an alternative approach.

    However that approach comes whether it is allopathic or alternative then it will come at a private cost.

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