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    Not exactly a health product, so please forgive me for posting here, but it will be a product all the same. There is a whole heap of money going into the concept of tele-medicine and tele-health.

    If you think you donít know what Iím talking about, put Simply it is the ability to obtain a consultation with your doctor over the telephone or visual telephone (FaceTime, Zoom etc)

    Going forward this is going to be a mega-bucks industry, with wearables being linked into your GPís database.

    Even the table you take can send a signal to your GP to let them know you took the tablet.

    Is this an exciting future in healthcare, or one which we should steer away from at all costs?
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    personally I preferred being able to have a all back from my GP, it was so much easier and saved me the journey, hassle and delay of attending the appointment.

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