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    The 1 field

    This is such a beautiful, inspiring and informative film for those who believe in realms beyond our physical plane of existence
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    I did see this documentary and was blown away by the content.

    I think the main thought I had coming away from it was how sad it is that humans have been cheated out of their real knowledge and power. Thankfully we are slowly relearning, but it is slow, and in the mean time many will perish without knowing the really power we hold within.

    It is possible to find places on the web to connect with healing sound and frequencies, but then I have also heard that we should approach these sites with some discernment because not all sounds and frequency is clean and therefore it could have a negative effect on us!

    Another classic case of the corruption of the human race wanting to actually harm our fellow man! Apparently the Monroe institute is a safe place for sound, have a look at that on the web, just be careful with the sounds you find on You Tube.

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    This was fascinating and a breath of fresh from watching the usual TV rubbish.

    I think we will look back on our time and realise how much information was kept from us for the financial gain and benefit of a small few! I believe this stuff has always been known, but they never wanted us to know about it, as it gives us so much power.

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    It’s embarrassing to think that it was believed that over 95% of DNA was ‘junk’. How ego driven are scientists to think that something as incredible as the human creation would have parts that were simply irrelevant! Can scientists not be humble enough to recognise they simply lack the intelligence to understand it!

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