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Thread: Volcanoes, tornados, tidal waves, earthquakes…

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    Volcanoes, tornados, tidal waves, earthquakes…

    So much of our climate, normal or not is being attributed to the human footprint, but how does that explain the increase in major disasters we seem to be seeing around the world?

    With so much of Mother earth seemingly unsettled geologically, could this not explain why our weather patterns are changing, surely the two are linked?

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    I do think the climate is the natural changes in earths progression, as well as outside influences from the moon and planetary systems.

    Earth has always changed, evolved and restructured itself, species have come and gone etc to blame humans as the sole cause and saviour of the planet is ridiculous

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    We are certainly seeing more geographical disturbances, which can not be associated with man, and it is well documented that a volcano spews out an awful lot of a carbon footprint when it blows, I wonder how much of this is taken into consideration when evaluating carbon emissions when it comes to taxation of movement and commodities
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    I think the planet has always been changing, but I think it has more active periods and quiet times, we are going through an active period now, which also ties in with the solar cycle solar maximum.

    I watch a YT channel that talks about sun spots and solar flares, when there is a big flare of plasma or magnetic waves, we have an earthquake a few days later as it hits earths own magnetism. It’s fascinating stuff and really helps to explain a lot of phenomena that we see and are told that it’s humans that are responsible.

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