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Thread: Red light therapy

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    Red light therapy

    During the run up to Xmas, there were lots of sales on and bargains to be had, so I succumb to my urges and bought myself a red light therapy mask.

    I did my homework on the masks and red light therapy, what I learned was that I couldn’t afford the masks that were clinically proven to work, and the cheap ones were nothing more that LED’s, so that left me in the limbo land of the middle ground of good, but not proven

    Anyway, after much umming and ahhing I leaped into the abyss and purchased a flexible red light therapy mask. I use it every day for 10 minutes, I’ve even sr]tarted a mini meditation when I have it on After 8 weeks of daily use, I can honestly say I can see a huge difference, my skin is tighter, clearer, more glowing and more youthful… I’m impressed!

    I would like to get a blue light mask for acne and scarring, maybe in the next sales! The red light has helped to clear up very acne prone skin and helps spots to come and go in a heart beat.

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    I thought this was a gimmick when they first came out, but I see Victoria Beckham uses one, as she had bad skin. I think they have come down in price a lot. I think the red light is meant to boost collagen production.

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