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Thread: Dieting and weightloss

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    Dieting and weightloss

    I have a lot of weight to lose, 4 stone, to be more precise. I watched the movie, 'Fat, sick and nearly dead' some years ago and it really resonated with me.

    I lost a bit of weight, spurred on by the movie, but have since regained the weight, and more. I am quite active, but I love my food.

    I need to get a handle on my weight, as I am 52 years old and want to start living my life, if that make sense.
    All the support, advice, hints and tips you can throw my way, will be much appreciated.

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    Hello John B,

    I am new here, I came across your thread while mooching around the website. It seems you have come to the right place, for a healthy alternative to the usual diet clubs, and diet, 'Low fat' foods.

    It seems no one mentions food in its whole state anymore, the way our grandparents, and great grandparents would have eaten. Overweight and obesity is a modern problem and unfortunately, modern solutions are been thrown at it.

    Best of luck with your journey, I wish you well. Eat wholesome food, the type that doesn't have a list of ingredients on the packet.

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    Thanks for your support.

    It seems a long old slog at times. The minute I put myself on a diet, I seem to spend the entire day thinking about food. I don't feel the weight clubs work as you have to have the 'weigh in', but that weight loss/gain affects my entire week. I would be lying if I said it motivated me, because when you have worked hard at the weight loss all week, then put on weight, or stayed the same, I just feel disgruntled and demotivated.

    So, I decided to get off that treadmill of diet clubs and do my own thing.

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    John B, did you see the article on sugar? It might be worth having a look, as it explains why we keep eating and don't feel full. This might help you with your weight loss journey. Best of luck.

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    Hi John B,

    I hope this site offers you lots of advice and support along your journey, more contents will be added to keep you focused and motivated. Don't forget, knowledge is power.
    I hope you are keeping on track thus far.

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    A quick update, I changed my diet to cut out most processed foods and eat more fruit and vegetables.

    Cutting out the processed foods is a lot harder than it first seems, simply because it makes you realise that virtually all of our food is processed. You only have to look at the produce aisle in the supermarket to notice that most of the store is processed food and only a small section is fresh food. This change in my diet has required a complete over-hall in the way I think about food. But, it has paid off, I have lost 4 pounds this week, but much more importantly, I feel more energised.

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    So what did you eat instead of processed food? And didn't it get boring?

    I tried to cut out processed food, but everything is processed, it was only when I had to cut it out that I realised how much I eat.

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    I cut down on processed food slowly. So, I got rid of the obvious rubbish I didn't need, crisps, cake, biscuits etc, but then weaned myself off the little added calories, like ketchup, mayo etc

    They seemed the hardest things to change from my diet. What I will say though, is if you tell yourself you 'can't live without' certain foods you are making the change so much more difficult.

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    I'm still going strong, and finding fruit is my best friend. It is helping with the sweet cravings, which are fewer and far between.
    I have to admit, I'm craving for random foods I didn't expect to, rather than the sweet or savoury options, it is more of a texture craving.

    I am still working on the processed food, That stuff is far more addictive that you realise. But I recognise this as a long, slow process, a time I am happy to take to reach my goal.

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    Society is all about the here and now, quick fix, throw away... And that is the same with our food, we are hungry, we want to eat now, not in an hours time, that's why ready meals, processed junk came about. Even the adverts tell us we are too busy to sit down and eat. With crap breakfast bars and yogurt in pouches.

    Take the time to prepare whole food, bulk cook if you have to. But, processed food is a health disaster unraveling.

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