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Thread: shoulder pain

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    shoulder pain

    I have been visiting a chiropractor for many years on and off for pain relief of my shoulder. The manipulation works and keeps everything working really well, but when I start to get my pains back, I re-visit for more treatment.

    It works out to be about twice a year that I visit, and its more for maintenance treatment. Going there has definitely reduced my dependency on strong pain killers.

    Just thought I'd mention it, in case anyone was considering it.

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    I haven't had it, my doctor normally sends to for physio treatment. What is the difference between physio and chiropractic treatment?

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    The therapies have a lot in common, chiropractors tend to use their hands to manipulate joints. Physios use mobilisation techniques and exercise.

    Both treat joints and musculoskeletal-skeletal problems.

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    Can chiropractic treatment, treat any type of shoulder pain? or just specific problems, like frozen shoulder?

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    My mum has frozen shoulder and has to have injections into the shoulder which is very painful, are there alternatives to this?

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