You've lost weight! How did you do it?

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I am fascinated by the reactions I get when I answer the age old question, "You've lost weight, how did you do it?" Obviously, I am grateful people have noticed, but I am always intrigued by their reaction when I tell them my secret; I cut out sugar and ate whole foods.

I see the sparkle in their eyes diminish to a glazed, opaque version of what was once there. I feel like I have let them down, and find myself apologising that my answer wasn't more interesting. The recipients shoulders slump, in a dejected way and I try hard to spice it up and little, but the simple answer is whole food, the way nature intended and cut out sugar and processed food.

I see my answer hasn't convinced my enquirer, who, it seems would rather have heard an answer which was marketable. I am not sure why the thought of changing ones diet to elicit a change in body shape is surprising. After all, the diet I was on was providing me with a shape that resembled a Christmas tree bauble, so it stands to reason I would have to change that diet to obtain a different shape.

There remains a disconnection in society between the food and drink we consume and the effect it has on our body, mind and health. I wonder if there will ever come a time when society will wake up to this connection
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  1. Mrs_E's Avatar
    How much have you lost Louise? I am dieting too and loving it. It does take some effort as cooking from scratch after a working day is not for everyone but I (and Mr E) are loving it!
  2. Louise's Avatar
    I don't get on the scales, can't stand the vile things. Instead I go by my clothes, the weight loss has not been my goal, but has been a huge bonus in changing my diet.
    It is an effort to make things from scratch, but well worth it. We have found that our taste buds have changed to the point we don't enjoy food when out.
    I also think it is nice to know what is in our foods.

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