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Thread: burning mouth syndrome

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    burning mouth syndrome

    I have suffered from burning mouth syndrome for many years. Doctors don`t seem to know how to treat it , it has changed my life, it is so debilitating, does anyone have any suggestions ?

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    Have you tried biotene gel? is it because you don't produce saliva?

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    Hi Nellie G,

    What a horrible condition, and you sound like you have really suffered. I see that you have seen your doctor. What have they prescribed for it?
    There are two known drugs available on prescription. Evoxac and Pilocarpene, both have varying success, it seems to depend on the individual. They both share similar side effects, most commonly sweating. I suppose you have to weigh up which is worse sweating or a dry mouth.

    I hope these ideas helped, (unless you have already tried them) it will be worth chatting to your doctor about them. Best wishes, I hope you get it sorted.

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    Hi Nellie G,

    This is an excellent question, and unusual symptom. I have done a little searching around regarding this condition and found that 'normal' toothpastes and mouth washes containing fluoride and alcohol, amongst other chemicals can alter the mouth flora, worsening dry mouth. It may be worth considering a more natural toothpaste without fluoride just for a couple of months to see if there is an improvement in your condition. There is a section on here regarding non-fluoride toothpaste which you may wish to have a look at.
    If you get any benefit, please reply to either this thread or the non-fluoride thread. Hope this cheap suggestion offers some benefit.

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    I read somewhere that a CoQ10 supplement can be helpful in Sjogrens disorder. It may offer you some relief.

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    Nellie G,

    I'm sure you know that certain foods make dry mouth worse, and chewing gum etc can help promote the salivary glands. Try to avoid coffee, red wine and spicy foods.
    I know this made sound weird, but I have read that some people have found a benefit in wiping a small slither of coconut oil around their mouth offers them some comfort. Worth a try.

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    Thanks for this will give it a try .

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    Nellie G,

    A bacteria consistantly found in people suffering with Xerostomia (dry mouth) and Sjogrens disease is called Streptococcus Mutans. The mouth, much like the tummy is normally teaming with healthy bacteria, which keeps everything healthy and working as it should.
    However, sometimes the bad bacteria take over, often caused by too much acid, sugar, over use of antiobiotics or medications that change the flora in your mouth and gut.

    Firstly, cut sugar out of your diet. Eat a fibre rich diet, brush your teeth with a probiotic toothpaste (not easy to get, and quite expensive), or for a cheaper option, use an organic fluoride free toothpaste.
    You can buy probiotic chewing gum, which has been shown to help. In addition invest in some good quality probiotics and eat a diet that is gut friendly, eg, live yogurts

    After a month or two, you should start to see a huge benefit in your mouth and everyday life.

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    Thank you so much for your comments i will give the probiotic products a try and cut out sugar.

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    Yes i have tryed biotene gel but found it not very good .I do produce saliva.

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