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Thread: BPA free

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    BPA free


    Can anyone recommend BPA free water containers to take to work?

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    The one I take to work is by Aladdin, it is BPA free, I've had it a few years now, its a good size, and easy to clean. you can buy them for about 10 - 14, shop around.

    Like I said, it has been a few years since I purchased mine, I'm sure there are more on the market now.

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    Reusable do a great range of BPA free bottles. Definitely worth a view

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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlieH View Post
    Reusable do a great range of BPA free bottles. Definitely worth a view
    Hi CharlieH,

    Thank you for your post, I've had a quick look at this company, it looks great. I've added a link to the company name

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    What's the importance of going BPA free?

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    Have you seen the new article posted? it puts into question the safety of BPA-free plastic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teri23 View Post
    What's the importance of going BPA free?
    There is a new article highlighting the health risks of plastic and our food. This may answer your question.

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    Have you seen the range of glass bottles with a silicone sleeve?

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    They seem to be all the rage at the moment, I've seen them in Lakeland, large supermarkets and online. Just shop for glass bottle with silicone sleeve and it should bring up a few companies for you to choose from.
    A much better option than plastic BPA free or not.

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    Amazon uk have quite a big range of glass water bottles, I've enclosed a link.

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    Pro works sell BPA free water bottles on Amazon

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