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Thread: Which is the best exercise for overall health?

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    Which is the best exercise for overall health?

    I'm looking for some advice on which is the best exercise for overall health.
    I am not looking to break records, or become the fittest man in the world, I just want to find something that I enjoy, something I get benefit from and doesn't feel like or become a chore.

    I find most exercise becomes a chore and then I spend my whole time fighting against the thought of doing it.

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    Don't join a gym, at this time of year it'll be packed, and it becomes a chore to get there on a regular basis. Why not mix it up a bit? Exercise 3-4 times a week.... Walking, cycling, running and maybe a sport like football, tennis, rowing, table tennis, badminton.

    I recommend thinking outside of the box a bit exercise should be fun and combining it with an activity like table tennis, or rebounding, it means you are constantly moving. You don't have to sweat buckets to get healthier.

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    I think Sophie has the right idea, choose a combination of sports to keep your interest up. Maybe choose seasonal sport, for example choose three types of exercise to keep things mixed up. stick with these until the spring, then change your exercise, or two of them for the spring, summer etc, that way you are not getting bored of any one exercise. your muscles are getting a mix of movement and you can change your sport according to the weather.

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    What great ideas, Thanks guys.

    I suppose the problem is doing exercise because I have to, compared with doing exercise/sport because I love it. I like the table tennis idea, not your classic weight loss sport, but I appreciate the idea of thinking outside the box and just the idea of keeping the body moving.

    Anything that requires more movement and a less sedentary lifestyle has got to be beneficial.

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    This isn't a classical sport/exercise for men, but have you considered 'rebounding'?

    It's bouncing on a mini trampoline and is said to be really good for you, and fun. It is not a work out out where at the end you are out of breath, but it is fun, can be incorporated as one of your choices.

    The bounce is supposed to benefit you by helping the cells rid your body of toxins.

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    Here is an idea of rebounding if you don't know what it is and how it can benefit you.

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    I agree, rebounding is really good, healthy and fun. It is also easy on the joints and I like the fact you can enjoy it in the house of outside. Another video from 'Chris beat Cancer'

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    No matter your age or fitness level, these activities can help you get in shape and lower your risk for disease:
    Swimming. You might call swimming the perfect workout.
    Tai chi. This Chinese martial art that combines movement and relaxation is good for both body and mind.
    Strength training.
    Kegel exercises.

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    I think walking is the best all round, by the simple fact it's free, achievable for all levels and easy to maintain. Adding in hill climbs will increase the benefits and intensity. Or keep to the flat for easier workouts.

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    I think many people overlook yoga as a contender for exercise and weightloss, but Bikram and vinyasa flow are two forms of yoga that will help you get your sweat on very easily, and in doing burn calories, tone, strengthen and provide suppleness all in one. Not many exercises can do that.

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