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Thread: Waiting for the carnage to begin

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    Waiting for the carnage to begin

    I've just voted and I have to admit, this time it was the toughest decision I made in a voting booth.
    Normally I vote knowing who I want to govern, however this year I had no idea and made my rash decision at the point of marking my cross. Which ever party wins, I won't be happy, I don't think either of the two main parties are fit to govern or have a manifesto that I genuinely believe they will deliver on.

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    I have to agree with you guv-ner made vote was made in the booth. I think the Brexit referendum caused so much dis-trust amongst voters.
    I think it is sad that the voting public have that attitude that 'they are all liars' and even more sad that M.P's don't seem to care that this is what is thought about them. Is this a way to run a country?
    My vision of the outcome seems to waiver depending on the age group of the people I am listening to and their occupation.
    Either way it'll be an interesting night, and I don't think May will have the landslide she was expecting.

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    I voted, although for the first time ever, I nearly didn't. I was close to giving a throw away vote. I have found this election depressing and senseless. I don't think it will give a May the open cheque she is hoping for with Brexit, she will always be accountable to the opposition and the public to her decisions and actions.

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    Corbyn will surprise everyone and get in, no one was expecting his sudden popularity, but he has shone through the run up to the election. Whereas May looked uncomfortable and strained throughout.

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    Looking at the exit poll it may be very close run, even a hung parliament!

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    May called the election at a time when Corbyn seemed very unpopular, but oddly during the campaigning Corbyn became very popular and this may come at a huge cost to the Tories, this will cost her dearly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Esme View Post
    Looking at the exit poll it may be very close run, even a hung parliament!
    How often are these projected polls correct?

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    What has surprised me is how this has been a two party race, I don't think I've heard anything from any of the other parties.

    I think labour will pip the Tories to the post.

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    I know a few people that only ever voted Tories are now either voting Labour or throwing their vote. I think this will be a surprise electon, even if the Tories win there will be an awful lot of labour M.P's now in government.

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    A hung parliament! I think it was on the cards, the way Corbyn has risen from the ashes in the last few weeks, it really has come as no surprise. What I think is shocking is how, yet again Tories seem so far removed from what the people are thinking and feeling. Exactly like they were in Brexit.

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