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Thread: The door is open

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    The door is open

    Today the French president and the European MP's have suggested that the door is open to change our mind. Do you think we will take the bate?

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    The door is open, but the conditions have changed.

    Changing our mind would make us financially worse off, we would lose the Sterling and have to change to the Euro, our powers would be diminished even further.

    Basically, the comment made today ensures that we will not change our mind.

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    I think this throw-away comment puts paid to the concept of a u-turn in Brexit. I know that I would not want to return to the EU on the new conditions they have suggested. That leaves us in only one position....onwards and upwards.

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    It wouldn't surprise me if this is all part of an elaborate plan. It seems the most bizarre turn of events, right from the initial referendum, and I don't think the twists and turns have finished yet.

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    I think the EU's statement suggests they don't actually want a U-turn decision. What they have offered does not say 'welcome back, all is forgiven', I don't think the majority decision was the right one, but I certainly wouldn't want to back with less than we had before.

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    I do wonder if all of this is about pushing our buttons to make us go for a soft Brexit. Even though their is question as to what a soft Brexit even is.

    If the EU really wanted us back, wouldn't they dangle a carrot, rather than beat us with a stick?

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    We keep being told that the 'people have spoken' and 'we have a democratic mandate' but have they? Do they? The population did not understand what they were voting for because of the lies that were told at the time.

    Was the referendum a true reflection of what we all wanted? I heard on question time last night that an idea to put the final vote to the public once all the cards were on the table should be an option, and I agree.

    They keep banding around this idea of a hard or soft Brexit, but what does that mean? I don't remember seeing that on the ballot paper! This is such a monumental decision for our country both now and in the future, we should have the strength to admit that we got it wrong and stop this farsical ball rolling any further.

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    I think we should take any opportunity we have to go back, shut the door and throw away the key. Ask for our old agreement to remain in place and promise to never discuss it again.

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