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Thread: The point of the matter.

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    The point of the matter.

    I was really surprised to hear that the individual acupuncture points mean something, as well as the channels.

    I have to admit to knowing very little about acupuncture (as you can see), but I just thought they were locations on the skin that resembled where the pain was, like a trigger point.

    For example, looking at the 'lung meridian', emotional imbalances of the lung meridian relate to disappointment, sadness, grief, despair, anxiety, shame and sorrow.

    When it is imbalance there is Righteousness, dignity, integrity and high self-esteem.

    I thought I would share because I found it fascinating that it is not just about randomly sticking a needle in, there is some background knowledge to location etc.

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    It is a fascinating subject, with so many layers to the Chinese understanding of the channels.

    The trigger points you refer to are specifically the Western view of meridian channels, with little consideration to the spiritual meaning of the individual acupoints.

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    There is definitely a reason why they insert the needles into a precise place, this is a very powerful treatment steeped in tradition

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    Interesting reading

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    I have found Chinese acupuncture fascinating and complex. The Chinese had and still have an incredible understanding of the human body, it’s spiritual aspect and the energy within it. They truly understand we are energy beings and seem to have a genuine respect for the body.

    Each point not only has a mean and expression, but the points that feed into each point make up a whole. In that sense I mean that it is no good purely focusing on the individual acupuncture point, it is important to look at the system as a whole and assist in the flow of energy around the whole body.
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