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Thread: Chocolate and almond butter fudge

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    Chocolate and almond butter fudge

    This recipe is so naughty, but good. It is designed as a treat and not recommended for over indulgence .
    when I first made it, I halved all of the ingredients to cut down on the cost, to make sure I liked them and to prevent me from eating them all.


    1 cup of coconut oil
    1 cup of almond butter (crunchy is good)
    2 cups of raw cacao
    1 cup of medjool dates (pitted)
    1-2 pinches of unrefined sea salt


    Soak dates in hot water to make them soft and sticky (about 20 minutes) discard water afterwards,

    Melt your coconut oil on a very low heat

    Blend all the ingredients (except the almond butter) into your blender and blend until soft.

    Add the almond butter at the end, blend briefly to blend, but keep the crunchy texture.

    Spread evenly into a tin

    Place in the fridge for about an hour.

    Serving suggestion:

    To make these, just add a small hand full of almonds into the blender at the same time as the almond butter.

    Put into paper cake cups and sprinkle with a few crush almond pieces.

    This recipe is by Pauline Hanuise

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    Thank You for sharing, although I don't think my waistline will thank you!

    Just a quick reminder to use organic products where possible, to maximise the health benefits and make this treat less of a guilty pleasure and more of a healthy snack.

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    Oh wow these look delicious. I didn’t know there was such a thing as almond butter, where would I buy that from please?

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    These are delicious, I made the fudge and it worked perfectly, thanks for sharing

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