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    Grow your own

    I’ve recently caught the bug of grow your own from seeds and bulbs from left over food.

    I planted some sprouted garlic, didn’t have a clue what I was doing and up they pop, I dug my first bulb up today and I’m looking forward to eating it.

    I’ve put tomato seeds in and they’ve sprouted, I’m so excited, I’ve decided to give everything a try, blueberries next. I’ve also had my first crop of strawberries.

    I can really understand why allotments are so popular.

    Just thought I’d share.

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    I’ve been growing my own tomotoes from left overs for years. I only buy organic and when I get a really, really tasty batch I use the seeds from one to grow more.

    It doesn’t give me with a years supply of tomatoes, but it is fun growing them, and gives me such satisfaction picking my own food from the garden.

    I’ve often thought about trying other seeds, but I am space limited and time limited.

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    I’ve grown tomatoes, apples, strawberries, and chives this year, next year I venture into peas and potatoes. There is something very satisfying about growing your own.

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    We do this as well for years now. I feel like tomatoes are pretty easy to grow your own. And home-grown tomatoes taste so much better than the ones you get at a store.

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    I agree Shenk, home grown food has a real depth to its flavour.

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    There should be lessons in schools teaching children how to grow your own, the only thing I recall was cress which is great if you love an egg sandwich, but it’s not likely to feed the family

    Also, I think it would be great to make a raised patch in your garden for easy to grow things, I think this should be encouraged as being a trendy thing to do.

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    I have attempted to grow tomatoes in a bag and failed miserably, there needs to be a book for idiots with the absolute basics for all things gardening.

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