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Thread: Strokes in younger people

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    Strokes in younger people

    It is sad to see the health of our nation declining. I do wonder when people will start to wake up to see the extent of the damage that our food is having on us.
    Just because we can eat 10 donuts in one sitting without any seemingly long term effects doesn’t mean our food is not having an effect.

    Recent reports about strokes being on the increase in people of 45 and above is a worrying statistic. There is an estimation that by 2035 the incidents of strokes in this age group will have increase by a staggering 59%

    Why is this information not a wake-up call to others? There is more and more subtle information leaking out to suggest that we need to reduce our consumption of processed foods, sugar, meat and dairy. It is subtle because the government has to get a balancing act between the consumers and the producers. But the fact the messages are getting out should tell you that it is well known the link between our diet and lifestyle and our ever deteriorating health.

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    Hi Carol78, I saw this mentioned on the news this morning, I think it is a very worrying sign of the increasing chronic health of the younger members of society. This type of disease profile does not happen overnight, it is caused by chronic inflammation. A preventable disease in most cases. This leaves me no doubt that more needs to be done to raise awareness of the 'food' we eat and the effects it has on our health.

    I just wish the medical profession would wake up, I firmly lay this at their feet. Society looks to the doctors to know what is 'healthy', their lack of knowledge, ignorance and silence is without a doubt killing a nation!

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    The human race is becoming sicker and sicker and it seems we are constantly led to believe this is a natural progression and there is a pill for every ailment. When will people stop being so dumb, waiting to be led by the nose, rather than think for themselves?

    We have the power in our hands to change our own course, yet it seems we are sleep walking into an almighty crisis that will be beyond repair. We are literally changing our DNA through the food we consume... how scary is that! Just think of what our future Generations will be like!

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    Don’t you think this is a general case of people being quite sick, on loads of tablets by the time they reach middle age?

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