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Thread: Book - Bosh!

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    Book - Bosh!

    BOSH! is one of the latest offerings of plant based cookbooks and is proving to be a huge success story, which highlights the growing trend of a plant based diet. Please click on the image to be redirected for more information and to purchase the book.

    "Want to cook ridiculously good plant-based food from scratch but have no idea where to start? With over 150 incredibly easy and outrageously tasty all plants meals, BOSH! The Cookbook will be your guide.
    This book will be your go-to-guide to eating delicious plant-based food. Your new favourite dishes, from lavish lasagnes to quick on-the-go delights and luscious puddings, are all in here. And it's all 100% vegan"
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    I’ve noticed that Tesco and other large supermarkets are offering a wider choice of plant based foods now. I will have a look at this book as the food appeals to me but I need some inspiration

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