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Thread: Book - Superfoods

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    Book - Superfoods

    Superfoods by Julie Montagu is a great book. Julie demonstrates how it is both simple and advantageous to embrace a plant-based, superfood lifestyle.

    The book is easy to pick up and put down, an excellent reference point for the various superfoods on the market today. The approach of the book encourages the reader to make small changes in their lives that can lead to a long-lasting, healthier lifestyle.

    What the books says:

    'Meet the superfood superheroes of the plant world and discover why they're good for you, which ones you should stock up on, and how to use them in deliciously easy recipes to fit around your day. You'll get improved energy levels, lose weight, lower your cholesterol, keep your blood sugar levels under control and look and feel more youthful than you have in years. Enjoy what you cook, be flexible, eat well and feel great with these meat-free, dairy-free and sugar-free recipes packed with superfoods'.

    Click the image to be redirected to the Amazon Uk website where you can find out more information and purchase the book.

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    I recommend the quinoa casserole and black bean brownies that are in this book, most ingredients can be found in major supermarkets or Holland and Barrett

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    Are all these foods really superfoods, or are they a food industry gimmick to get us to buy some random berry from the depths of Antarctica?

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