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    Calendula, also known as marigold are sun loving orange and yellows gems, that lift the spirit by simply looking at these medicinal flowers.

    This is an exert from the incredible book 'Health through God's Pharmacy' by Maria Treben

    'Calendula has a noteworthy place among our native herbs. It belongs to the plants which are beneficial in cancer and cancer-like growths. In folk medicine the plant's flowers, stems and leaves are gathered and used. Gathering should occur in bright sunshine when their healing powers are at their best. Calendula strongly resembles our Arnica but is superior in its healing power'.

    When used as a tea Calendula can help cleanse the blood 1-2 cups a day sipped slowly can work wonders. Calendula also cleanses and stimulates the circulation and improves healing of wounds. When Calendula is applied as an ointment it can help to reduce varicose veins, as well phlebitis, frost bite and burns.

    Athlete's foot can be improved by soaking the foot in a bowl of water and a couple of handfuls of calendula flower heads added to the water.

    When used as a compress wounds, bruises, contusions and sprains find improvement or relief. When taken internally as a tea, Calendula is excellent for gastro-intestinal disorders, stomach cramps and inflammation.
    It is said that the juice from a fresh stem can get rid of warts and scabies, with such incredible healing properties to its name, it makes you want to start growing you own! and don't forget they are a wonderful source of food for bees and butterflies.

    Herbal action:
    Promotes lymph flow
    Promotes wound healing
    Stimulates menstrual flow
    Stimulates bile.


    Infusion: 1 heaped teaspoon of flower heads to 1/4 Litre of water.

    Foot bath: 2 heaped double handfuls of fresh flowers or 100gms of dried herbs into the water.

    Tincture: 1 heaped handful of flowers macerated in 1 litre of alcohol, keep in the sun or at about 20 degrees C for 14 days.

    Ointment: 2 heaped double handfuls of leaves, stems, flowers - finely chop. 500 gm coconut oil, gently warm both together in a pan, then take off the heat and allow to stand for a day. the following day, re-heat, then filter through linen into previously prepared clean jars.

    Fresh juice: Leaves, stems and flowers are washed and still wet put into the juice extractor.
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    My son has varicose veins and this is definitely worth a try for him. Thank you for sharing

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    I've seen Calendula oil in my local health food store. I think it's relatively easy to find.

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    Taken from Green Med Info

    ‘One study of calendula for wounds showed that it noticeably stimulates physiological regeneration and skin healing’

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