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Thread: Our dying seas

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    Our dying seas

    I have read with alarm recently about the masses of Dead Sea creatures on the coast of eastern Russia, in one area it has been estimated that 95% of the sea creatures have been wiped out by an unknown cause.

    This news was coming out over a matter of a few weeks, with different areas affected, all with devastating affects on the sea creatures including octopus, sea urchins, star fish and larger creatures including otters and seals.

    Oddly enough it has since been reported that Japan is looking to dump its radioactive waste water Into the sea. I canít help but wonder if a test has been carried out already to see if there is an environmental impact. It also seems odd that the current area affected is an area just north of Japan!

    I have grave concerns about Japan dumping their waste in the seas, surely as a Earth citizen we should be able to stop this destructive mentality.

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    Well there is definitely a clue there isn’t there? They seem to have a total disregard for humanity

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    Japan has a lot to answer for, they are so corrupt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monroe View Post
    Japan has a lot to answer for, they are so corrupt.

    Japan has the biggest market share of fish compared to the world, it’s outrageous.

    Why don’t people make the connection between our dying seas nd the health of our planet, let’s put this into context, as of right now October 2020 25% of the rainforests (the lungs of our planet) have been destroyed by humans, and 50% of the coral reefs have died, these are the life of the ocean, it’s what the bog fish ultimately survive on. Our oceans provide us with oxygen! If we lose the living seas and the rainforests that’s the human race finished anyway! It doesn’t have to be gone to affect us, it just has to be hit enough to effect the fine balance and we are very, very nearly at that tipping point!

    Tuna only 5% left,
    Cod only 5% left
    sharks only 10% left.

    This is not Okay people, we are plundering our oceans so we can eat Chicken, YES, I said that Chicken! We feed our livestock (for us to eat) fish!

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    I have to admit, this upsets me so much and I feel at a loss what to do to help that I look away not because I want to be ignorant, but humanity makes me so angry at times, I despair.

    I looked into some of the well known charities that ‘protect’ the seas, but when looked into deeper it is clear to see that they are a controlled group with a very strict agenda and they too turn a blind eye to unsavoury goings on. Sadly, nothing is as ever what it seems.
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