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Thread: Eye makeup recommendations

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    Eye makeup recommendations

    Can anyone recommend a good brand of makeup, available in the UK, that has less rubbish in and has colours also? Maybe the two don't go together, colour pigments and being organic, but I'd love a blue eyeliner and other colours for eye shadow e.g. green, blue, silver, lavender.
    Also, does anyone know a good brand of mascara that is non-clumpy? I have a Neals Yard mascara that I adore and is a nice thin consistency but I haven't seen it for sale for a long while now.

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    I can definitely recommend Max Factor Exaggerate mascara, it has a very thin wand but no clumping and makes your lashes look really long. As for eyeshadows, have a look on Beauty Bay they have hundreds of vegan eyeshadow palettes that have good colour pigments and less rubbish in them.

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