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Thread: Face masks

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    Face masks

    Face masks have driven me mad, I seem to touch my mask and face more than ever. I believe there is a reduction of flow of my expired air, but I am not convinced by their efficacy. Letís be honest, if they worked 1) why did all the WHO and the Governments say they didnít in the first part of the pandemic 2) why are cases rising when people are wearing the masks indoors still?

    Anyway, we are now told that going forward we will no longer be required to wear the masks, it has now become a choice thing, rather than mandatory.
    I find it interesting on Social media to read that nearly everyone will be wearing their mask regardless, but are they just outspoken people and not really representative of the social spectrum?

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    It’s quite interesting to see the polls suggesting that 40-50% of society want to retain wearing their masks. Personally I don’t, as I believe in sharing bugs to improve immunity. I think going forward the whole mask wearing debate will become more and more aggressive, with people believing that others should wear it to protect others, as it’s the ethical thing to do.

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    I don’t believe that face masks are beneficial, healthy or functional.

    In fact I would go as far as to say that I think they are harmful on a psychological and physical level. I’m concerned that through wearing face masks people separate themselves from our surroundings and the natural circulating bugs that help strengthen our immunity. We set up a false micro-climate in which we breathe and this environment is made up of exhaled air, moisture and mould spores, a health disaster waiting to happen.
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    I hate face masks and I hate seeing so many people still wearing them even though there is no requirement to wear one, are people that scared? It was made very clear in the early days of this pandemic that masks did nothing to protect the public, then they made everyone wear them, then they said, they didn't really work, then they asked everyone to wear them again.

    Just as we are starting to hear that lockdowns did nothing but damage to the population, I think we will start to hear that the wearing of masks have caused multiple problems for all age groups.

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    I think in the early days when people didn’t know what was going on, wearing masks made sense, but as time has gone on and we have a better understanding of the virus, who is mostly impacted and how, it makes sense to drop the masks and make more of a targeted approach to restrictions.

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    I hate wearing them, they cause my skin to break out and give me anxiety. Although I have to admit I get anxiety when I don’t wear one, the anxiety comes from the fear someone may have a go at me.

    But even now with all the precautions stopped, people are still wearing them. I wonder what point they will stop?

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