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The oil is expressed from the rind and has long had use as a food additive as well as a medicine. The oil is a pale orange yellow colour with a sweet, fruity and fresh smell.

Key actions:
Detoxifying and sedative.

Orand essential oil has a general detoxifying and cleansing effect and can support the lymphatic system by encourage if the elimination of excess fluids and waste product.

Orange has a detoxifying and diuretic effect that can help reduce water retention and cellulite.

Boosts defences for cold, flu and bronchitis; it’s warming action fights chills.

Minds and Emotions
Calms nervous tension, helps to life depression and aids sleep for insomniacs

Orange essential oil has toning and mild astringent properties, which can help clarify oily skin and revitalise a dull or tired complexion.

Has a calming effect on the digestive system and helps increase peristalsis (the movement of food through the gut) thus relieving constipation.

See ‘Safe Use of Essential Oils’ article.

Bath, Massage, diffusion, compress or inhalation

Blends well with: Spice and Citrus oils, Clary Sage, Geranium, Lavender, Myrrh and Rosemary.

​Non-irritating in dilution. Sensitisation rare but possible.