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Thread: Food shortages

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    Food shortages

    We are seeing more and more reports about the global food shortages, shelves empty and the cost of food climbing steeply, what does this mean for the health of the nations and will it ultimately lead to a good outcome?

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    I haven't seen any food shortages in our supermarkets, although I have seen the pictures in the media showing empty shelves. do you really think its a thing, or just a media hype?

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    I have seen reports of empty shelves, but my own stores are well stocked. A lot of the shortages have been down to supply issues due to workers off with Covid, or self isolating.

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    In the UK I’m not sure there is a concern for food shortage, rather a concern of the prices of food, prices are being added at an extortionate rate and as we well know companies will add a little extra on under the guise of a National crises never to return back to the original price expect during the deals or sales.

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    I mainly cook from scratch, and consume very little processed foods where possible. I have been aware of the increasing risk of food shortages or rising prices and have therefore actively increasing my storage of dried goods, grains and flours to ensure if the absolute worse came to the worse, I could make bread, or have rice and pulses to eat.

    I have to admit, I would be stumped on the bread situation if we lost electricity as well
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