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Thread: Thermal Imaging

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    Thermal Imaging

    Im approaching the time when I need to think about my health in the future and have routine screening. Ive thought long and hard about this and decided not to have the breast screening, or any other routine imaging screening.

    Instead I have decided to pay for thermal imaging, it is being used to detect early signs of inflammation and disease, giving you the chance to treat this early before it possibly becomes a significant problem. Of course my family think I'm nuts because they are sold onto the usual narrative, but I do believe this is a safer option for me and I think it will give me more peace of mind.

    Has anyone had any experience of thermography before?

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    I have considered this on a very superficial level, however I’ve not taken up the chance to undergo imaging at this stage in my life.
    I would certainly consider it as a viable option to having routine imaging.
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    My friend had a full body scan costing in the region of about 400-500, she wanted this to detect anything early.

    While I understood why she did this, I’m not sure it is for me, we are so used to the mindset of reactionary healthcare, once there’s a problem I’ll deal with it, we have never been taught the process of preventative healthcare.

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    I didn’t realise that an alternative was available, it seems that this type of investigation is considered valid, so wouldn’t it be available as a choice within the current nhs structure?

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