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The cypress tree has long been a source of incense for ritual or religious purposes and a source of therapeutic oil. The essential oil is steam distilled from the needles and twigs.

The oil has a fresh, sweet, clean smell, often used in perfume, the colour is pale yellow or green.

Key actions:
Toning, calming and soothing.

Inhalation can help calm the respiratory system and ease breathing. Has an antispasmodic action that can soothe hacking coughs.

Massage into legs to tone varicose veins. Use as a sitz bath for haemorrhoids.

Has an astringent quality that can help treat excessively oily skin.

Has a strong deodorising effect, excellent for relieving foot odour.

Women's health
Helps ease menstrual discomfort and reduce water retention.

See 'Safe Use of Essential Oils' article

Bath, massage, diffusion, mouthwash or foot soak

Blends well with: Lemon, Lavender, Ginger, Juniper, Pine and Geranium

Safe in dilution