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In addition to its use as a natural remedy the essential oil, expressed from the rind of the fruit, has a long history of use in perfumery, baking, cooking and cleaning.
The oli is clear, with a fresh, citrus smell.

Key actions:
Cleansing and refreshing.

Has a clarifying effect on greasy skin as well as toning properties that help to combat wrinkles and spider veins.

Supports the liver and aids lymphatic cleansing. Its diuretic action reduces cellulite and fluid retention.

Can boost sluggish circulation and weak venous system which leads to chilblains and varicose veins.

Antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Use as a compress to treat boils and other eruptions. Apply neat to warts and verrucae.

Has a toning and stimulating action on the digestive system. Useful for obesity but also debility, weakness and loss of appetite.

Mind and emotions
Lifts the spirit and clears the mind: helps to clear tension headaches.

See 'Safe Use of Essential Oils' article

Bath, massage, diffusion, compress or inhalation

Blends well with: Black pepper, Bergamot, Neroli, Jasmine, Cypress, Ginger and Lavender.

An irritant for some, also it may increase sensitivity to sun: avoid in concentrations above 2%